Our Traditional Christmas Light Road Trip

By on December 15, 2016

Our Traditional Christmas Light Road TripIt has been a tradition of sorts for my family to get in the car and search surrounding neighborhoods or towns for the biggest and brightest Christmas light displays. Since my son was a child, we have been jumping in the car, stopping at the local coffee shop for our hot chocolate to go, then setting out to be amazed at what people have put together to decorate their homes for the season. I look forward to this excursion every year and I hope that when my son has his own family he will continue to do it with them.

People are so creative and not only do they decorate but they synchronize the lights with music. There are some fantastic finds out there and now you can go online and plug in your zip code  or get an app for your phone and decorated homes will pop up. You can plan your route, saving both time and gas. How convenient!

Here are a few that are in my neck of the woods:

  • Whitney & Nic’s Winter Wonderland – 13 Countryside Drive in Nashua, NH
  • Mousseau & Roy Family – 75 Pelham Road in Hudson, NH: Seriously, they have their own Facebook page.
  • 83 Mallard Point Road in Merrimack, NH: It’s a biggie but there are a few contenders on that road as well. ‘Worth checking them all out.
  • Klara Drive in Merrimack, NH: This house is synced with 107.5 (radio station).

There are a lot of decorated homes out there and half the fun for us is driving around, drinking our hot chocolate, listening to Christmas songs, and discovering some new finds.

If you are into exploring new neighborhoods, get in the car and take a trip to see some lights with the family. It’s an inexpensive and fun way for everyone to spend time together. Happy hunting!

Be sure to post your pictures of your finds, and if your house is decked out with lights for the holidays be sure to share it with us so we can get a glimpse of your creativity!

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