Manchester Spotlight: Pizza 9-1-1

By on February 4, 2013

Somebody call 9-1-1! Pizza 911 that is!  I have found my new favorite pizza joint!  For all of my pizza emergencies, I call Pizza 911!  Pizza 911 is located in Manchester on 108 Webster St.

I was happy to have another local, independent pizza shop right in my neighborhood.  I was excited to give them a try!  And boy, was I glad that I did!  Their pizza and Greek Grilled Chicken Salad are my favorites.  Their pizza sauce is a mix of sweet and tangy and the crust is golden brown and has just the right amount of crunch!  Their salad was prepared fresh and topped with warm grilled chicken and feta cheese!

Good food is not enough to reel me in!  I am also a big stickler for customer service, cleanliness, and professionalism when I am a customer of any establishment.  Each time my family and I visit Pizza 911 we are always greeted with pleasant words, a very polite, and accommodating staff!  Last time I picked up my order the nice young man brought the pizza out to my car so that I didn’t have to lug in all the kids. Now that is AMAZING service!  A nice touch!

Pizza 9-1-1 has my vote, stop in and check them out for your next Lunch or Dinner craving!

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