New Hampshire Review: Top 5 Stories of 2012

By on December 30, 2012

2012 was a year filled with huge amounts of national and international news. So much, that our wonderful state of New Hampshire had some stories that were likely overlooked. Here are the top 5 New Hampshire-based stories you might have missed in 2012:

1. Dartmouth College President Nominated to Lead World Bank

Likely the most overlooked story by New Hampshirites in 2012, this was big news for the community of Dartmouth. On March 23, President Barak Obama announced that Dartmouth College President, Jim Yong Kim, was his nomination to take over as World Bank President in 2013. The position will be vacated by current president Robert Zoelick in June of 2013, and President Obama’s nomination meant that Kim would be the likeliest replacement. The full story, as written by NY Times reporter Annie Lowrey can be found here.

2. Concord High School Grad Qualifies for Olympics

In a sport whose spotlight is reserved for only a select few top-tier athletes, marathon runner Guor Marial made big news for another reason. He didn’t represent a country in his Olympic bid. As a young man, he escaped civil war and in what is now The Republic of South Sudan. After moving through Egypt, he found himself in Concord, NH where he starred in the disciplines of distance running. After attending Iowa State, where he ran track, he set a qualifying time to enter the Olympics this past year in London.

Unfortunately he was not a recognized citizen of the United States, and his 1-year-old country of South Sudan was not eligible for representation according to International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules. With some help from The U.S. Olympic Committee and NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Marial was granted the right to run as an independent by the IOC. Marial finished 47th in London. More on this amazing story, as written by Union Leader reporter Bill Smith, here

3. New Hampshire Elects All-Female Delegation to Congress

On the side of maybe less-surprising than the others, this story made national news before election day was technically over. It’s 5 Capitol Hill representatives will be the first all-female delegation in the history of the United States. A smaller story within this story is Maggie Hassan’s status as the only female Democratic governor elected in 2012. Joining Governor Hassan are Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte, and Representatives Carol-Shea Porter and Ann McLane Kuster. For more on this story, as written by Huffington Post reporter Laura Bassett, click here

4. New Hampshire Colleges Dominate the National Rankings

Two New Hampshire colleges made their marks on the headlines in 2012. Dartmouth College, whose presence at the top of higher education remained unwavering, was named the #10 college in the United States by U.S. News. Among other reasons , Dartmouth was ranked in the top-10 due to it’s outstanding qualification record among its teachers,freshmen retention rate of 97.8%, graduation rate of 88%, and a student:faculty ratio of 8:1 (one of the smallest for a college of it’s size). The full U.S. News report can be found here.

In what could be considered a less traditional form of recognition, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) was recognized in 2012 on an international scale. In 2012, Fast Company named SNHU the #12 Most Innovative Company in the World. That’s right, in the WORLD. A university that has made it’s name on destroying “traditional” education, SNHU was named to the list for, among other things, a massive online education network that offers over 120 programs and concentrations. The full article from Fast Company, as well as the other 49 most innovative companies, can be found here.

5. New Hampshire Residents Stand by Victims After Sandy

As New Hampshire residents helped each other recover from local damage, many were touched by the images and stories that came quickly up the coast via social media and news stations of New York in shambles. Firefighters, Red Cross  members, National Guard men and women, and every day citizens mobilized to help. Much of these stories were individual efforts with no media attention, but a few managed to get picked up. Each story, unique in its own way, can’t be summarized as a whole. Here are a few of the stories of those who came to the aid of New York:

Upper Valley Firefighters Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Sandy Relief Shuttle met with Gratitude in Brooklyn

Dyn Powers Up 12/12/12 Donation Site

Dance Academy Sends Blankets to Hurricane Victims

Newmarket Company Organizes Race for Hurricane Sandy…

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