Londonderry Manager Conquers Mount Washington

By on July 16, 2013

Mt Washington, NH– On Saturday, July 6, 2013, Verani’s very own John MacGilvary was on top of what the local community calls the “Rockpile.”  John joined 170 other people in the 40th running of the “Newton’s Revenge Bicycle Race.”  That’s right, BICYCLE race. The race begins at the Toll House at the bottom of the Mountain.  After 210 yards the road begins the 7.6 mile, 4727 ft climb up the Auto Road.  The auto road is 87% paved meaning that cyclists must also contend with packed dirt and gravel on their way to the top.  Add to that the reduced oxygen as the altitude climbs into the clouds, this race is tough!

John placed 117th overall, completing the race in 1:42:04.  The elite cyclists finished in just one hour at :58:14.  Women’s Olympic cyclist Lea Davidson completed the grueling race in 1:05:54.  The only unicyclist crossed the line at 2:53:17. John said “I feel great!” after getting off the bike at the finish.

“The end surprised me” he said, which is not surprising since you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you.  When John started the race is was 72 and mostly sunny, but when he finished, it was 55, foggy and rainy with a sustained 50mph wind gusting to 68mph.  John has challenged other Veranians to race with him next year.  Is anyone willing to accept the challenge?

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