Hooksett NH High School Choices

By on January 20, 2016

Cawley-11.58.57-AM-1024x768With no high school of its own, Hooksett is fortunate to have a choice of six high schools that its students may attend, with a seventh soon to be added.  This allows Hooksett parents and students the flexibility of selecting a school environment and a curriculum that most closely matches what they need.

The schools are: Bow, Londonderry, Manchester Central, Manchester West, Pembroke Academy, and Pinkerton Academy.  Goffstown High School is expected to join this list in the near future.

Each fall, graduating students of Hooksett’s Cawley Middle School can attend a high school choice fair, where they and their parents meet with representatives of each of the six high schools to decide on the best option. Then they have until October 31 to make a specific high school selection, which will be their school for the next four years.

Two of the high schools are anchor schools, meaning they must accept all Hooksett students wishing to attend.  The others are satellite schools that will accept a specified number of Hooksett students.  If more students select a particular  satellite school than can be accommodated, then a lottery is held to decide who may attend.  This did not occur in 2015.

For parents who are moving to Hooksett or who already live here, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Phil Littlefield and his staff are available to answer questions about the system.

Barry Cogan is a REALTOR with Berkshire Hathaway Verani Realty and a proud resident of Hooksett, NH.

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