Chester New Hampshire ~ Amazing Scarecrows

By on October 7, 2011

Chester NH ScarecrowsTake a drive through the town of Chester and you’ll be delighted to see the many colorful and very unique scarecrows that are all over the town.  This is the 2nd annual Chester NH Scarecrow fundraiser for the Chester Historical Society and it runs until October 22nd. You can go on line and download a list of participating locations and you can also vote for your favorite Scarecrow.

The 2nd annual Chester NH Scarecrow contest did not disappoint

Last year when heading home from a meeting in Concord I decided to drive the more scenic back roads but I had no idea how scenic they really would be.  Shortly after crossing into Chester I was in for a thrill… a whimsical fairytale if I ever saw one. I probably took about 50 pictures of the Scarecrows and was totally amazed at the creativity displayed by home owners and business owners alike.   I was thrilled when I found out that the fundraiser would be held again this year and on October 5th I decided to take a look.  The 2nd annual Chester NH Scarecrow contest did not disappoint and seriously speaking I think the folks in Chester totally out did themselves.

Don’t take my word for it… go see for yourself but in the meantime enjoy my short video of this years event and check out last years video on my blog at NHRealtyScoops.com



Monika McGillicuddy

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